Our story

Inspired by their babies. Driven by their passion. [Graphic designers & moms] Tracy Stephens & Rachel Bidelspacher created an adorable and original brand with one goal in mind—helping little ones express "I’m a" shirt at a time!

It all began when they were shopping with their babies. A woman approached them and commented on Tracy’s daughter, who was dressed head-to-toe in pink, “What an adorable little BOY! What’s HIS name?”. This was the third person that day who called her baby a boy! At that moment inspiration hit, and they created their original, winking boy and girl characters that are now the trademark on all of iMA Baby Brand’s apparel.

Their original two shirt designs included these characters along with "I’m a GIRL" and "I’m a BOY" statements to help other babies avoid being mistaken for the wrong gender!

Shortly after the initial "I’m a GIRL" and "I’m a BOY" shirt designs, they realized babies and toddlers have so much more to say. They began morphing their BOY and GIRL characters into new shirt designs....I’m a Chick Magnet, I’m a Fashionista, I’m a Future Astronaut and many, many more...iMA Baby Brand® was born!

iMA Baby Brand® currently offers a diverse collection of "I’m a" statement shirts and continues to create new designs so that ALL babies and toddlers can express their unique personalities and interests.

Thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to share your little ones modeling iMA Baby Brand®...they may end up featured on our website ;-).

Tracy & Rachel