Your Little Stinkers are gonna LOVE THIS!

BLOWOUTS, SPIT UP, VOMIT or BABY FOOD PUREE all over your baby's bodysuit (aka: creeper, onesie) is a common problem.

Most of us try to carefully remove it without spreading the mess to our little one's precious face. Poop in the eyes or worse yet, the mouth...YUCK!

Come to find out...these GENIUS little bodysuits are designed to ROLL DOWN off the baby, yes, roll DOWN off the baby! know, to make removing the bodysuit after it's covered by an explosive poop, vomit or a messy meal a bit easier—a’hem...while keeping it away from baby's face! G.E.N.I.U.S.

Why on earth don't these come with instructions? HA HA!

We really do learn something new everyday! I need to know how many of you KNEW about this? And why didn't anyone tell me :-) ?!?

Click here to shop our I’m a Little Stinker bodysuit. (perfect for rolling DOWN off baby after a blowout!) 




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